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The Signature Tee delivers exceptional comfort and breathability through its blended polyester/elastane blend, which allows the fabric to move with the body, giving increased mobility and freedom, the fabric also has added ventilation to allow airflow, keeping you cool. These are a must for any serious athlete in and out the gym.

97% Polyester        3% Elastane     UPF 40+

6 reviews for Signature T-shirt

  1. Shaun Scammell

    Great fit and when I was sweating it didn’t hold the sweat for long as it ventilated well causing me to stay cooler!

  2. Antony

    Nicely fitted training T-shirt 👍

  3. Martin Winston

    Awesome lightweight gym T-shirt. Perfect fit

  4. Martin Winston

    Awesome lightweight gym T-shirt.

  5. Stacy

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